Spinach World Multimedia

Who & Why

Mark Westin

Spinach World's founder Mark Westin has created and contributed to thousands of hours of award-winning content across all media genres from network television to documentary film to music video.

Mark is an Emmy-nominated composer of two film scores and three albums of original songs. This gives him a unique understanding of how to translate musical content to video and bring out the details that make it come alive.

Mark's journalism background gives him the skill to dig beneath the surface, find the nuances that set his subjects apart, and translate them into visual form.  Spinach World and Mark always deliver personal service, and you get a video that speaks in your own true voice. 

Key Credits (alphabetical):
American Desi TV: Vice President of Programming of the first South Asian television channel in the U.S.

Beacon Independent Film Festival: Director, camera, editor, Grassroots Rock, 2013 official festival selection
Court TV: Senior Producer of multiple ACE Award-winning legal channel
Lucky Duck Productions: Vice President of Production at Linda Ellerbee’s Emmy- and Peabody Award-winning company
MediaGroup Films: Senior VP of Development. MediaGroup's Fast Lane Summer won Best Documentary at the New York Independent Film Festival and the Platinum Aurora Award as Best Sports Film
Metro TV: Senior Producer of Cablevision’s multiple Emmy Award-winning lifestyle channel in New York City
MSNBC: Executive Producer
New York Film Academy: Former faculty, New Media and Television
Other credits: Access Hollywood, Eye on America for CBS News, Day and Date, Wall Street Journal television, Uncooked.tv and HolisticAnarchy.com
Mark is a member of Mensa, a 25-year Taijiquan player, and a motorcyclist.

Why is it called Spinach World?

Mark says:
"I had a dream that I owned a department store in New York City. The store was called Spinach World, and sold only 'spinach and spinach-related products'.

"Spinach World's buyers scoured the globe in search of premium spinaches and brought them back for sale in the store. And 'spinach-related products' were simply those items that made the purchase of the spinach more enjoyable; for example, sauces and spices (to flavor the spinach), and spinach-themed plates (on which to serve the spinach). Spinach hand towels, spinach wallpaper; you get the idea. And of course, the Spinach Cafe for the lunching ladies.

"How could such a highly specialized department store stay afloat? Simple. In the public's eyes, if this gigantic store, located in the heart of the Big Apple, sold only spinach...why, it surely must be the finest spinach in the world! And the wealthy and powerful flocked to Spinach World and made it an enduring success.

"When I woke up, I knew what I had to name my company: Spinach World."